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Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:19-20

about our outreach

The word, "outreach," can encompass many things. As believers in Christ, it is our mission to be fishers of men, whether that be bringing more members into our church body or going out into the world and blessing those in need.


One form of outreach we participate in is supporting Harvest of Hope Africa. Harvest of Hope is a missionary organization dedicated to aiding the impoverished, orphaned, addicted and lost. By showing the love of Jesus Christ, through His Gospel of salvation and the practical application of aid, they seek to help heal a broken world. You can learn more about them here.

We are also blessed with the opportunity to support Tumaini Children's Home in Kenya, which exists to provide a home setting for small children who have been orphaned and abandoned, for the expressed purpose of creating a sustainable identity and steady foundation that will bring about a secure, reproducible pattern for their own future lives and families. To read more about their incredible story, click here.

Another way of reaching the nearby community is through special events, which always need help. If you are interested in volunteering at any of our events or on Sunday mornings, head over here and let us know!

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