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The POD exists to grow and support the next generation as they find their identity in Christ.

Jaxon Nichols, Youth Pastor

About relentless youth

Once the doors open at 5:30 pm, the church is transformed into a vibrant place of worship, fellowship, and discipleship for 6th through 12th graders with our youth group, Relentless. Fun games, free food, special events, powerful worship and a message from our Youth Pastor Jaxon create a unique environment for teens to hang out and learn more about Jesus.

"The POD exists to grow and support the next generation as they walk and find their identity in Christ," says Jaxon. "It is a safe place where students can be vulnerable, transparent, and open about areas in their life that they share struggles and shortcomings, and where they can find a support system of like-minded believers walking though the same trials and growing in the same faith. The POD is an environment where a faith in Jesus is emphasized and encouraged, and a family-like connection throughout the student ministry is cultivated."

There are many events lined up, so head on over to the News & Events page here to find out more and sign up. If you're interested in volunteering, head over here.

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